The Future of Photography Technology

Photography is an art of capturing reality in the moment that becomes something bigger and more meaningful than just that split second when the image was made. Since it came about in the 19th century, photography constantly developed and became more intricate and complex. At the same time, as the decades when by, it also became increasingly present in the everyday life.Today, a big majority of the population has access to some means of making photographs, at least with their mobile phones. This is all thanks to photography technology that continues to evolve and move this art form into the future. In this decade, several important steps will probably propel photography even further.

The biggest reason for the exponential growth of photography in the past two decades is the process of digitization. In the history of photography technology this developmental step is one of the most important ones. Now, instead of using old-fashioned film covered with chemicals to imprint the images, cameras can use a digital conversion process for the same purpose. Digitizing also opened the opportunity to easily transport images to other devices, mainly computers. This opened the field for digital manipulation and editing software that allow the users to change whatever they like on their photographs and do it without fear of losing the originals.

Today, 3D photography is one of the expanding fields of photography technology. 3D is getting introduced to digital photography via specialized software that guides the user on how to move its camera and make several slightly different shots of the same area of interest. After that, the same software makes a composite image made from different angles. This way, the image is added a lifelike perception of depth when is viewed on tablets, computers or smartphones.

The second important field of development includes two factors: miniaturization and mobility. When these two things are combined, miraculous things can be produced. Cameras are becoming smaller and smaller, so they can be inserted in different objects. Helmet cameras that can be worn by extreme sports athlete are a regular thing on sports events like skydiving, mountain biking or free skiing. Even more significantly, these small cameras mean less weight so they can be mounted on flying devices like toy helicopters or miniature underwater subs. This mobility presents an incredible opportunity for photography enthusiasts to go and explore previously very expensive and demanding areas like aerial photography.

The synergy of miniaturization and improving software tools means that photography technology can expand further than ever before. This process will definitely continue, and many more wonders of technology are certain to emerge in the future of photography.

What is the future of photography technology?

Digital technology and the internet in general has bombarded us with images at such a rapid rate that sometimes we get overwhelmed by the visual information, most of which is photographs. However, each person’s sensitivity to each image can sometimes get worn down or blurred. Thanks to technology, everyone can now try their hands on photography. Technology has opened possibilities for photography manipulations through software like Photoshop. But the big question is; what does the future hold for photography technology?

Thanks in part to advances to processing and software power, researchers are still exploring new ideas about what cameras and photographs can do. One such innovation is the freezing motion, a technology that allows cameras to remove blur motion during exposure. The technology involves moving the camera to the left before it gradually comes to a halt then accelerating in the opposite direction. The movement ensures that any object moving to either left or right is captured regardless of the speed.

Photography technology has also enabled photojournalists to say goodbye to glare. More often than not, glare ruins many photos than it helps enhance them. Thanks to technology, researchers have come up with a software that fills bright spots on the lens using color from the pinhole to come up with glare-free images. Even though the method limits the final resolution, researchers are hopeful that it is only a matter of time before this is improved.

Technology has also seen the emergence of pared-down pixels. Digital cameras have been marketed based primarily on the number of megapixels or pixels it has when it comes to the amount of detail they can capture. Photography technology, however, has seen the emergence of one-pixel cameras that can capture pictures of outstanding quality. Such cameras contain tiny mirrors where cameras would usually be, and which direct light to the single pixel sensors.

Another milestone in terms of photography technology is the possibility to shoot invisible images. One practical example is the satellite views of the earth which is often obscured by clouds. However, a camera that uses quantum physics to see images it wouldn’t directly see cannot have such problems. This technological advancement has helped photographs take clear images of the earth’s surface, regardless of the level of clouds and uses the sun as the primary source of light. Since photography came into the fore about 200 years ago, it has developed to reach a stage where it is almost unrecognizable. However, technology has enabled people to document memorable moments of their lives in such a fascinating and an unimaginable way and the future only looks brighter.

Green screen technology basics in digital photography

1.Green screen technology:

The universe has undergone a transformation over the years. The technology has developed and highly modified the method the world ever worked. With the progression in technology the digital technology has achieved remarkable changes. In this, photography is another feature that has developed and can be availed creatively by the professional’s photographer. Today it is possible to watch the interested actor climbing height buildings by using latest photography. The green screen tools have created this type of cinematography feasible. Green screen technology is easier to use and to offer amazing results.

2.Best quality digital camera:

One can use this technology without putting hard effort. The experts and non professional photographer avail this green screen technology now. There are some important techniques that a specialized photographer must follow when making for the technology. A photographer must avail a best quality digital camera. A high quality camera can assist the photographer to bring the focus of the object clearly. When you aim the object clearly, the image becomes highly attractive and clear.

3.Placing background:

You can maintain the background of the object either blue or green in shade. If an individual is a professional, he can also paint the walls in green or blue colour. Next method is to mount a blue or green colour sheet on the wall. You can do this even while you are using camera in the home. The blue or green shades are particularly selected as the picture sensors in the device are sensitive to these shades. If you want to display a hilly space in the background, you can avail green colour in the background. To present an ocean behind the object, you can avail blue shade in the background.

Digital technology has modified photography

New technology has brought photographers a huge way from the old modeled camera and movie that were actually the only ways of making photographs. Now developing film in a dark room is not required between focusing the camera at a material and capturing that is a real work of art. Digital cameras do not avail film to shoot photographs but rather they contain a huge amount of light sensors that respond to the object that is focused by the camera lens. This picture is stored like electronic data in the internal memory or on the memory card.

Photo quality:

Most of the digital cameras are created with the LCD screen that allow you view the shot when it is captured hence you know whether you require to attempt the shot again to obtain it in the way you like it. The data that is stored in the camera can be sent to the computer from the memory card by a USB cable. Most of the cameras contain limited memory and memory cards are seen with various capacities. The photo quality you print will be known by the quality of the camera and the ability of the printer. Cameras are the kind of equipment that is availed to make digital prints now.

Photographer’s ability:

Most of the mobile phones have built in camera that creates the device easy to use a camera for the unexpected photo chances. Technology is continuously growing, it is probably that digital cameras and those made in to devices like tablets, cell phones and other kinds of hardware will develop in resolution, memory capabilities and interactive features like touch screens. Even though technology does and possibly will continue to have an important part in making best digital art photography, the photographer’s ability will have an important role in the final result of the photo. With large number of digital cameras contain automatic features that let for amazing photos to be captured without any input; there are some that they can strategically avail to make an excellent image.

Huge impacts:

Filters and lights can contain a major impact in the full look and mood of the picture. The tool availed to print photos is another field where technology is possibly to bring new options to the table. Special paper and ink availed simply for photos are part of the full image for the future of photography. Digital technology is generally said as a system availing parts that make usage of digital or binary logic that is one or zero. If your device contains a micro controller or a processor, or if it avail software storage program that can do simple decision creating that shows the device you are availing benefits from digital technology.


With the digital technology, you do not want to buy film, it contains the ability to check the photo captured and if you are not satisfied with that, you can capture the picture again. This assists save your money. With this technology you can do enhancements and include information on the photos as you like.

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Categories Involved in Dubai Hamdan International Photography Contest?

HIPA awards have reached the fourth year of its journey in finding the talented and innovative photographers from various parts of the world. HIP invites everybody for sharing the passion and the creativity that they have in the niche of photography. This is a greater chance to be with nature, know her well and then catch such a moment that can tell a beautiful story or have splashes of colour in it or it can be an expression of an emotion in the most beautiful manner. This year the event has come up with the theme which is “Life in colour”. This is the greater chance for everybody for unleashing the lenses so that you can express yourself with great freedom and make your imagination get the recognition that you deserve. There are various categories available in this event this year 2014 and you should know well about each category before making your move to take part in it.

Life in Colour

This is the first category for the event. This category simply means that life gets its beauty due to its colours. Colours have the capability for changing your thoughts, your mood and your whole mindset. The colours can bring a glow in to your life even when your day is dull and can spread a smile over your lips. Colours have the capability for expressing some kind of emotions and they can really make the things around more dramatic. Anybody can define it in the way you want and that is what you also have to do define the theme through your photo.

General Category or the Entrants Choice

This is a simple category but it can turn to be difficult when it comes to the choice. There is no theme here but the participant has to pick a photograph that is capable of depicting the passion he has on the field and in capturing the life through his lens. This is an open category where you can choose any of your excellent photographs which can say what you are. The photograph that you need to select for this category, can be of any subject, any style, anything but that expresses the photographer in you.


This is the category that evaluates the skills that you have in capturing the mildest emotions in the best possible manner. People also keep on changing like nature and it’s really amazing to observe them. Capturing the mesmerizing emotions of the people is a difficult task to be done especially when it is to be done in black and white. This category accepts photographs in black and white so that your composition and use of light can be evaluated in the best manner.

Night Photography

This is an exciting category that is available in this photography event. Night has the exotic beauty hidden in it and this category allows you to explore that and come out with something very amazing that can make you shine.

Why professional fancier have to look for DSLR cameras?

Perfect for hobbyist and professional:
A digital camera is an essentially a good choice for person who like to take quality photos and videos. There are plenty of models and makes of the camera found in the market today. Mostly every brand is designed with the new technology and has number of user friendly feature. Digital single lens reflex cameras are new devices that are highly availed for professional photography. This device helps the photography fancier to make amazing shots in short time. It is perfect option for both professional and hobby photographer. These DLSR cameras avail digital imaging sensor and single lens reflex for making digital images that appear clear, attractive and alive. The cameras also avail interchangeable lens.

Quality shot:

You can choose the best quality lens to take the quality shot. One of the amazing features which you can see in these devices is the auto focus. This system avail one or more sensors to check out proper focus. Some of the autofocus system avail a single sensor. But some cameras avail lot of sensors. Almost all digital SLR cameras are available with a mode dial feature that let the fanciers to set various settings to focus correctly on the shots they like to take. Certain famous models include scene aperture priority, program, full manual, shutter priority etc. The picture mode seen in the gadgets include macro, full auto, landscape, night, action, portrait etc. One of the famous features which is seen in these types of cameras is the dust reduction methods.

Excellent features:

The devices supports a dust cover filter equipped behind the lens for protect against dirt, dust and other unnecessary materials. Therefore DSLR cameras are one of the quality cameras you can purchase for a personal and professional photo shoots. Being user friendly, and versatile, the device helps the users to take lot of best quality shots. You can also upload the same on to the computer. They are designed to be adaptable. There are varieties of different lenses, filters, flashes to match any zoom needs or light condition. Most of the shoot and point cameras rely on the digital zoom that is seen in the DSLR cameras because of the lens size. These gadgets tend to contain larger photo sensors that let for bigger pixel sizes. It results in images that are less grainy, particularly when blown up.

Deal in different modes:

Even though there is some variation seen in these cameras, in common the lens is good. The large level of glass in the lens enhances the quality of the lens. Almost all DSLR cameras can capture high definition videos up to 1080p.These devices are made to be faster than fixed lens because they are aimed at experts who demand this. These cameras are faster in speed, shutter, and start up and on focus. It contains a higher range of ISO that let you to capture in a variety of various light conditions. They are also made to deal lot of these modes for various conditions. It has a longer battery life and was made to be availed with the viewfinder to capture photos.

How to become a professional photographer and the methods used ?

Photography is a profession that can earn you enough money to sustain yourself and your family as well as long as you do it the right and appropriate way. You may be an amateur and you would like to be that professional photographer that becomes well known and one that is sought after so it will be important for you to understand a few methods and steps that will help you reach that professional status. Everything takes time and as long as you are patient enough all should be well.

How to develop your skill
• The first important thing is to try to get enough knowledge that will help you reach your goal. Make sure you attend classes because there are classes that can help you a lot and get enough knowledge required.
• When attending classes make sure you write down important notes that will help you when you go to study on your own. Make sure you write down important notes or key notes that will help you.
• Always make sure you keep shooting. This is important because practice is the only way you can be able to learn well. Practice with people around you, take photographs of your family and friends and do so on a regular basis this will really help your chances of becoming a top quality photographer.
• Always set goals for yourself and make sure you sacrifice a lot as well. Goals will just inspire you to work harder and you will realize that as each day passes you will be closer to your goals and you will be improving day by day.
• As you continue practicing make sure you also apply for photography studios so that you can understand how you have progressed.
• Seek for advice from your teachers or even experts on where you feel you need to improve and also where you think you are weak at.
• Constantly read books and articles and follow every advice to the letter because they help a lot.
• Make sure you use the latest equipments at all time. This helps with producing quality photographs and it all depends with the type of equipment you have.
• It is also important for you to identify the kind of photographer you want to be because there are very many kinds of photography and when you narrow down it becomes easier and you are able to specify on the one you want.
• It is important to also promote yourself through the various means. You can use online photo websites and make sure you market yourself well.
• You can also visit agencies and offer services to them.

All these methods when followed well will help you to improve and you will be a professional before you know it. The methods are very important and there are also others that help a lot you just need to conduct thorough research so that you can improve.
How to become a professional photographer is really possible and you should just be patient and seek for advice from the right people and you will be good to go.